Eco-friendly travel and ecotourism tips (10 tips)

By | December 19, 2017

Eco-friendly travel and ecotourism tips

If you are inclined towards an eco lifestyle, you may want to keep it up even when you fly. Luckily, there are many ways to travel that allow you to keep green. Here are 10 tips that you might find useful when you go to vacation in a new place.

Purify your water
Plastic bottles are used everywhere but if you want to stay eco, you should look into other options. A good suggestion is to buy your own water purifier or even iodine tablets to use on your trip. This will help the environment as you will not have to use more than one bottle on the duration of your trip.

Ditch the plastic bags
Although plastic bags are used everywhere, they are not good for the environment. Choose a tote bag made of natural fibers to carry your groceries and avoid using supermarket bags. These bags are quite resistant so you will probably have it for a long time to come.

Use rechargeable batteries
Batteries consume a lot and they are thrown in the trash. A good alternative to this is using rechargeable batteries in order to be environmentally friendly.

Use eco soap
Do some research in order t find the best brands of biodegradable soap and use that instead of the regular soaps. This will keep nature cleaner and will also make your trip easier.

Buy local
Support the locals by purchasing items from artisan markets and food markets in the region. This will support the economy of the country and reduce the pollution effects as well.

Book an eco lodge
Make sure to do some research before booking a hotel. You may be able to find eco friendly lodges that support your lifestyle. Call the hotel or lodge first and ask questions in order to make an informed decision.

Give a helping hand
If you want to support the local communities, look for programs that are eco friendly and educational in the country you are in. In order to do that, read more about the events available in the country you are in.

Use public transport
Instead of renting a car which is more polluting, choose to go by bus or even walk around town. This will keep you in shape and also support your eco lifestyle. Furthermore, driving around in a new city that you don’t know well can be stressful. If you walk you will also be able to find many hidden places and maybe even make new friends along the way.

Use the main hiking trail
Although it may be appealing to take your own path, you should also think about nature,. Stay on the main trail when you go hiking.

Buy e-tickets
Use e-tickets instead of the traditional paper ones in order to keep greener. Paper production destroys the environment, so consider this option when you book. In addition to this, you should know most travelers use e-tickets nowadays out of convenience, as you will get these delivered to your inbox only few minutes after booking your flight.