Top 10 places to visit in Kent – Washington

By | April 30, 2017

Kent is a city that is worth a visit, so take the time to experience what it has to offer during your next trip. Here are the top 10 attractions in this city, so read on for more info on the things to do and see.

Tahoma National Cemetery
This peaceful cemetery is the perfect location to rejuvenate and meditate. The Tahoma National Cemetery features a beautiful views that looks gorgeous in photos, and it can be visited at any hour of the day.

Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum
If you want to learn more about planes and raceboats, this museum is the perfect choice for your needs. The museum also features many things to do and see, and the affordable entrance makes it a fun place to visit.

ShoWare Center
If you are in the mood for hockey, head over to the ShoWare Center for a few hours. Here you will be able to enjoy your favorite sport, or maybe practice your skills if you are a beginner.

Pacific Raceways
Maybe you are a fan of car racing, and in that case check out the Pacific Raceways facility, Here you get the chance to drive your own race car, and have some fun along your family or friends.

Great Wall Shopping Mall
A shopping trip sounds amazing on your vacation, and you should not miss out on the chance to visit Great Wall Shopping Mall. The mall is packed with the world’s most well known brands, but also cafes and restaurants to eat at. You will surely be able to find the items you have been looking for, but also have fun.

Green River Natural Resources Area
If you are a fan of natural places, then the Green River Natural Resources Area is the right spot to visit. The area is packed with natural wonders, and also features hiking trails for tourists who want to keep in shape.

Shindig Martini Bar
Maybe you want to get a taste of the nightlife in Kent,and the Martini Bar offers the best cocktails in town. Sit back and enjoy the electric atmosphere with a glass in your hand. The Bar also features original cocktail recipes and the best martinis.

Riverbend Golf Complex
Golf is fun to play, no matter whether you are are a beginner or an advanced player. Take the time to enjoy the Riverbend Golf Complex, and practice your skills in a beautiful surrounding.

Jerry’s Rock & Gem
If you are looking for the perfect souvenirs to take home with you, then you should check out this shop. The store is open since early morning until late evening, and provides gifts and souvenirs pertaining to the city.

AMC Kent Station 14
This cinema plays the best Hollywood blockbusters and not only. The setting is casual and the right spot for the entire family, so choose to see a good movie on a Friday night. The prices are decent, and the cinema also offers discounts from time to time. You will not be disappointed in your choice!