Top 10 places to visit in Murfreesboro – Tennessee

By | June 15, 2017

Maybe you want to take a trip somewhere new, so check out the top 10 places to visit in Murfreesboro. You will be surprised with the attractions that this city has to offer. If this made you curious, read on for more info.

Stones River National Battlefield
If you like learning more about the Civil War and the US history, go to the Stones River National Battlefield. This site is free to enter and tells a story about the Civil War and life in Tennessee during that time. The site is free to enter and open most days, except for national holidays.

Cannonsburgh Village
This picturesque spot must be on your list of things to see in Murfreesboro. As a tourist, make sure to spend some quiet moments here looking at the houses and maybe take some pics.

Oaklands Mansion
This large mansion is available for daily tours, and you can choose a self walk as a well as guided tour. The Mansion contains a rich history pertaining to the city, so don’t miss on the chance to experience it with your own eyes. You can visit the house everyday, including the weekends.

Discovery Center
If your kids are with you, they will surely enjoy a visit to the cool Discovery Center. The Center offers educational programs for kids, as well as many cool activities related to science and animals.

Stones River National Cemetery
Take some moments off your day to enjoy seeing the peace and tranquil at the Stones River National Cemetery. This beautiful place is open every day for free, and makes for one of the city’s top attractions.

Batey Farms
Are you in the mood for eating the best strawberries in town? In that case, check out Batey Farms for the chance to purchase some of the city’s best produce. Browse through the shelves and have fun picking the best fruits to start your day.

Mayday Brewery
Maybe you are in the mood to visit a brewery, and in that case Mayday Brewery is your best option. You can get the chance to taste some of the best beer in town, and the friendly customer service will surely make you feel like home.

Center for the Arts
The city includes its own art center where you can attend a live event of a theatrical play. No matter what you choose, the performances are perfect for a family of group of friends.

Fortress Rosecrans
If you want to spend some quality family time, check out Fortress Rosecrans. Here you can get the chance to enjoy the natural setting, have a picnic and maybe engage in some bird watching.

Stones River Mall
If you are on vacation, you should consider taking some time to enjoy one of your favorite activities. Head over to the Stones River Mall in order to buy a gift, a souvenir you have been looking for or something for your friends. The Mall also includes several restaurants and coffee places you may like to check out.