Top 10 places to visit in Port St. Lucie – Florida

By | January 20, 2017

Port St Lucie is a fun city located in sunny Florida, and a perfect vacation destination. If you are wondering which are some of the things to do in this city, read on for a list of attractions.


Tradition Field

If you enjoy sports, take the time to check out Tradition Field. The stadium is famous for its capacity and many sport teams are playing here. Furthermore, the stadium includes a restaurant and a gift shop for souvenirs.


Walton Rocks Beach

You can’t go to Florida without experiencing the beach at least once. Walton Rocks Beach is the place to spend a morning at enjoying the sun, or maybe take a sunset walk with your significant other.


Vine & Barley

Maybe you enjoy a good beer or wine, and in that case make sure to check out Vine and Barley. Here you will get to experience the best beer in town, and the friendly crowd will make your visit worthwhile.


Port St Lucie Botanical Gardens

The impressive gardens contain a large selection of plants and flowers from all over the world, along with a walking paths. The garden is split into different sections that host various types of flora and flower arrangements.


Savannas Preserve State Park

The park offers kayaking and boating opportunities for fans of water sports. Here you will also get to enjoy the beautiful lake and peaceful atmosphere with a good book in your hand.


Veterans Park

This peaceful park provides the perfect setting to relax, but also mingle with the locals. The park includes a river where many species of birds live. If you enjoy fishing and boating, you should know that boats are available to rent. Maybe you want to eat out with your family and in that case, make sure to check out the picnic tables.


Spruce Bluff Preserve

Although not very well known, the Spruce Bluff Preserve is the perfect place to visit if you want to breathe in the fresh air. The preserve includes a lake, as well as many hiking trails you should check out.


Treasure Coast Model Railroad Club

If you want to experience what a railroad used to be back in the 30s, take a tour of the Railroad Club. Here you will be able to check out old trains, and remember how they used to be back in the day.


River Park Marina

River Park Marina offers many boating and fishing opportunities, as well as many water sports you can engage in. The Marina includes a restaurant and a store where you can get fishing supplies as well.


Oak Hammock Park

This gorgeous park is the ideal location for anyone who wants to relax and maybe take a walk. The park also includes boating opportunities, but also recreational areas for kids. Here you will also find a playground and picnic tables for a Sunday breakfast. In addition to that, fishing fans can practice their favorite sport and maybe catch some of the fish that lives in the lake.